CAD + Design

In addition to manufacturing the highest quality machined parts, BRER Precision also offers professionally certified solid modeling and CAD services. Whether you need legacy CAD drawings updated to 3D assemblies or napkin sketches transformed into ready-to-manufacture products, we have you covered.

We can help you develop your ideas into reality.  With our experience in mechanical design and engineering we are happy to offer assistance in improving the manufacturability of your design.  We also have the capability of reverse-engineering old, worn, or broken parts to create brand-new and/or improved versions.  In addition, we can supply you with professional mechanical prints, assembly drawings, BOMs, as well as three-dimensional solid models & assemblies, and photo-realistic renderings.

Our combination of experience in design and machining provides a unique approach and opinion on what “manufacturability” means.  Using modern techniques, our goal is to bridge the gap between what was once considered cost-ineffective and what is aesthetically pleasing.  We enjoy a good challenge and look forward to assisting you on your next project.


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